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Prepare With A Custom Estate Plan

When you know that a storm is coming, you bring an umbrella. Similarly, when you know that a day will come when you cannot take care of your loved ones, you are able to trust the power of your estate plan.

At Cassone Law Offices LLC, you can collaborate with an experienced Ohio attorney to plan for the future. Michael Cassone understands the complex financial and real estate issues that often impact estate plans. Whether you seek a simple will, living will, powers of attorney or other estate planning documents, he is ready to guide you forward.

Wills Give Meaningful Instructions

A will can help you accomplish the following:

  • Deciding who will care for your children
  • Declaring inheritance and charitable giving
  • Naming the person who will oversee settling your estate

You can combine a will with a trust, depending on your individual needs. However, a will is the most essential building block of an estate plan. As your estate planning lawyer, Michael Cassone will help you discover how to customize your will to match your specific goals.

When To Create A Will

Many people who are interested in making a will at some point in their lives will wonder when the right time to create one is. Contrary to popular belief, wills are not just for the elderly. It is best to create a will as soon as you have children, property or personal wishes that you want to protect.

Waiting too long to create a will can have significant financial and personal effects for your family and beneficiaries. Without a valid will, your estate will enter intestate probate after your death. In intestate probate, the court will make important decisions for your estate regardless of your wishes.

Therefore, creating a will ensures that you have power in this process when you are not there to speak yourself. The future may be uncertain, but Michael Cassone will work closely with you to protect your estate and your loved ones. As your life changes, he can also attentively update your will to keep it relevant.

Discuss Your Estate Planning Goals

Every client at Cassone Law Offices LLC leads a unique life, which means they each have distinct needs. Develop an estate plan that truly reflects you. Call 614-782-1336 or complete our contact form to speak with Michael Cassone at a one-on-one appointment in Columbus.