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Reliable Guidance For Debt Collection Actions

An unpaid account might have a dollar amount in the books, but it does not produce any actual value unless you can collect it. If a debtor is failing to make payments, it is time to protect your financial welfare.

Cassone Law Offices LLC takes a determined and disciplined approach to collections. Your business does not need to risk a loss. Michael Cassone is a steadfast lawyer who can work with you to collect either consumer or commercial debts in Ohio.

Evaluate Your Collection Methods

Due to consumer protection laws, there are certain actions that creditors cannot take – regardless of the amount a debtor owes. By seeking payment through the proper legal channels, you can protect your claim to debt while avoiding penalties.

Possible options to collect debt may include:

  • Appropriate yet persistent communication with the debtor
  • Negotiating a payment plan
  • Wage garnishment
  • Liens on property
  • Litigation

Michael Cassone will ensure that you are using the right legal methods that give you the best chances of full collection. He is prepared to manage your case, periodically reassessing which route to take to protect your accounts.

Resolute In Complex Collections Cases

Cassone Law Offices LLC has experience in intricate financial and legal matters that can impact collections, such as:

  • Disputes regarding the balance of the debt
  • Disputes regarding debt liability
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure
  • Estate law and probate court

With a deep knowledge of landlord and tenant laws, Michael Cassone frequently represents Columbus metro landlords when seeking collection of past-due rent. Despite challenging case factors, he works toward recovering the fullest value of the account as possible.

Time Matters. Find Prompt Service.

Waiting to hold debtors accountable for payments could mean missing out on business opportunities. Interest cannot always substitute the value of these opportunities. Cassone Law Offices LLC understands that your money can accomplish more for you elsewhere. Call 614-782-1336 or email the firm to schedule a collections consultation.